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Donations to Amnesty Wildlife Sanctuary are greatly appreciated and can be mailed to: PO Box 367, Veneta, OR 97487. We will be providing a way for you to donate via paypal shortly.

Amnesty Wildlife Sanctuary: Veneta, Oregon Feline Rescue

The Serenity Valley facility outside Veneta, Oregon is run by the founder and director of Amnesty and is dedicated to small exotic feline recue and welfare. In addition to providing permanent and foster care, we have one of the largest educational outreach programs for exotic felines in the country through the website

I also developed and host the Wild/Exotic Feline Adoption Network, an online adoption and placement coordination site which is the first of its kind in the world.


We are a USDA licensed facility.

Services Available

We are available to provide permanent and foster housing to small wild and exotic felines such as servals, caracals, bobcats, lynx, and Geoffroy's cats. Permanent openings are dependent on funding.

We provide educational presentations on wild and exotic felines which are free of charge to nonprofit groups and government agencies.

We are not open to the public, but private tours can be arranged under certain circumstances.

Wish list

Our primary goal at this time is to raise the funds or receive donations of the materials listed below to create a permanent spare enclosure to house foster animals. Our ability to take in additional animals is currently limited by lack of funds to build them appropriate housing.

6' x 12' or 6' x 6' prefabricated chain link fence panels
8' T-posts for peremeter fencing
6' high welded wire field fencing for peremeter fencing
Large plastic insulated doghouse
Building materials for play structures

Quality, butchered (we house small kitties, not lions or tigers who might eat a whole carcass) raw/frozen meats. Wild cats eat a lot of meat! Typically we purchase human-grade meats from the supermarket, local farmers, and meat wholesalers. Do you hunt and end up with extra meat? Raise stock? We can use just about anything including rabbit, any game animal or bird, chicken, turkey, beef, goat, etc. What we don't feed: roadkill or meat from diseased animals, meat from chemically euthanized animals, pork, salmon, or any fish with sharp bones.

Meet Sirocco, where it all started

Several years ago, I made the life-changing decision to get a pet serval. Little did I know where that bouncing, leaping bundle of fur would take me! It started out simply enough, when I decided to make the information I had gathered when researching my decision to get an exotic feline available free on the internet. So many people, from breeders to owners had helped me learn what I needed to know that I wanted to give some of that back to the community.

As Sirocco grew and stole my heart, I continued to learn and research issues related to exotic felines. Little did I know I had stepped into a world of strife and even put myself in the crosshairs of radical animal-rights groups now named by the FBI as the top domestic terrorisism threat! I continued working on my website, which grew into the world's largest collection of information on wild and exotic felines as companions; I suppose this can be can now be considered Amnesty's first public outreach and education project.

I have long been involved in domestic animal rescue and welfare, so becoming interested in exotic animal rescue didn't take long.


Updates and Alerts

Update 9/10/05: We have just completed the first step in our road to becoming an officially recognized nonprofit sanctuary, the filing of our Oregon nonprofit registration.